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Folklore Dance Panorama
Folklore Dance Panorama 2019

Folklore Dance Panorama 2019 started on 14.04.2019 with two concerts in the National Palace of Culture, Hall 1 in Sofia, Bulgaria

Since this year, children's folklore ensembles have participated in the panorama.

Folk Dance Panorama 2019 started with the participation of:
Concert for children's ensembles
► National School of Dance Art
► The "Buditeli" Ensemble at 144 School "Narodni Buditeli" Sofia
► Radi Radev Children's Shoppers Ensemble
► Children's Dance Ensemble "Usmivchitsi"
► Children's Dance Ensemble "Sredets"
► Children's Dance Ensemble "Eremiya"

Concert for folklore ensembles
► National Folklore Ensemble "Bulgare"
► Ensemble "Folklorika"
► Folk ensemble "Bogovitsa"
► Folk Ensemble "Shevitsa"
► Folklore ensemble "Bulgarani"
► Ensemble "Gorna Banya"
Each ensemble can participate with one of its dances in the National Ranking of the
Bulgarian Dance Art Foundation. The ranking is determined by an evaluation of the jury and the audience's votes. Folk Dance Panorama is held throughout the year 2019. That is why the spectator vote is determined by SMS voting, which ends in January 2020.

On the YouTube channel of the panorama you can see the dances that are in the ranking.
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